Oct 15 2011

California Sun And Fun: Dining Drive-In’s

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If you are driving around the state of California and become hungry, treat yourself and your family to a drive-in lunch or dinner. Inexpensive and fun, California drive-ins are a trip back into the past, with present day menus.

Falafel’s Drive In
San Jose
Home cooking and falafel are featured in this restaurant, founded in 1966, as well as the usual drive-in fare of hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches and burritos.

Mel’s Drive In
Lombard Street, San Francisco
Recapturing the feeling, sights and sounds of the ’50s, this drive-in was opened in 1985. Its history dates back to 1947. The original Mel’s Drive-In, prior to being demolished, was part of a movie made by George Lucas, who had lived in the area. Today, Fish and Chips, ground round, and chicken breast sandwiches are all served here, as well as many burger options.

Lucky Boy Drive-In
Cheap and traditional, included on the menu is a pastrami burger. Local police eat here.

Several drive-ins are located in Bakersfield, including Andre’s Drive-In, Bucko’s Jolly Kone Drive In, and Carla’s Drive In. The oldest remaining Bob’s Big Boy, built in 1949, is located in Burbank and is considered a landmark.

Drive in and enjoy!

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