Jun 25 2011

Texas Grub, Gravy And Grits In The Lone Star State

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There are a lot of restaurants in Texas to get some down home grub like gravy and grits. The first restaurant is Sean Patrick’s Irish Pub. Sean Patrick’s Irish Pub is located in San Marcos, Texas. It serves mouth watering Texas and Irish food like wings, chips and salsa, nachos, and a lot of different Texan side items. The second restaurant is Twisted Grub. Twisted Grub is a food truck located in Denton, Texas. They serve only the freshest of ingredients with a gourmet twist. Most of their customers are students and faculty from the University of North Texas.

The third restaurant is Grub’s Restaurant & Bar. Grub’s Restaurant & Bar is located in Lubbock, Texas. It is best known for its variety of soups. The fourth restaurant is Hooligans Pub & Grub. Hooligans Pub & Grub is located in Arlington, Texas. The fifth restaurant is Bucket Sports Pub. Bucket Sports Pub is located in Fort Wayne. They have a gaming area for the kids and a pool area for the adults. The sixth restaurant is Down Under Pub. The Down Under Pub is located in Frisco, Texas. It has live entertainment throughout the night and give an Australian touch to Texas grub.

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